HRSCC- High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier

HRSCC- High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier

Its designed to handle turbidity and to remove suspended solids. These units have an ability to offer turbidity less than 50 NTU at the outlet of clarifier.

Features :

  • Constructed either in a steel tank /concrete basin
  • A unique rotor-impeller combination has made it possible to control mixing and slurry recirculation to accommodate changes in water characteristics.

Advantages :

  • In HRSCC Flocculation, coagulation & settling processed in a single tank i.e. HRSCC Tank.
  • It can accommodate a wide range of flow rates and solids variations.
  • The unit produces a very dense sludge that minimizes sludge handling.
  • Rapid sludge settling and thickening
  • Minimizes dewatering equipments costs
  • Minimum Operator attention.

Application :

  • Colour removal
  • Primary treatment of waste water.